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Digital Cinema Technology Apr. 17, 2014
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Paris—Jan 3, 2011

Volfoni releases new EDGE™1.1 DLP®-Link™ 3D glasses

Volfoni’s new model for Rear Projection TVs and DLP projectors is now available
After successful launch of EDGE™1.0 active 3D glasses, Volfoni, a leading provider of active 3D eyewear in Europe, releases today EDGE™1.1 DLP®-Link™ 3D glasses, designed to meet with the expectations of projectors manufacturers and professionals.

EDGE™1.1’s features include:
A new liquid crystal (STN) allowing higher brightness, more natural colors and enhanced durability
A light frame weighing only 58gr (2oz)
An inexpensive off -the-shelf battery (CR2032) easy to buy and replace
Removable arms to fit various head sizes including kids
Comfortable ergonomic design 
Easy fit over prescription glasses
With more than 50 DLP projector models available on the market, the professionals in education, architecture, communications, engineering, etc will be able to use 3D images to enhance and to improve the quality of their presentation.

“The DLP-Link is very simple and easy to use. It does not require any additional device besides a DLP projector or TV.” says Thierry Henkinet, President of Volfoni. “As there is only one protocol, our EDGE™1.1 DLP®-Link™ 3D glasses will work with all DLP TVs and projectors. It makes 3D more accessible to professionals other than cinema industry.”

In September of this year, Volfoni successfully launched EDGE™1.0, its very own active 3D glasses designed for multi-users. These glasses have been reviewed by a wide range of key professionals from integrators to some Hollywood movie studios and were judged as the best 3D glasses available on the market. EDGE™ series is recognized for offering more brightness, more natural colors and an unprecedented comfort thanks to Volfoni’s R&D on ergonomics.

Volfoni Contacts:
Jessica Ward, 

U.S., Jérôme Testut, 

Europe, Jérôme Hamacher, 

Asia, Francois Inizan,
About Volfoni SAS: Founded in 2007, Paris-based Volfoni is a renowned 3D technology provider. Volfoni maintains control over its entire manufacturing chain, from R&D to mass production, and has offices in France, the U.S., Germany, Spain, Asia, India, and the UK. The company is proud to count a team of world-class scientists (including three with PhDs in liquid crystal technology), as well as engineers, technicians and designers. Volfoni is one of the few companies in the world offering a wide variety of 3D technologies for all 3D applications from 3D Cinema to immersive simulation as well as engineering, home cinema and gaming, with the utmost attention to quality. Volfoni products are appreciated by the most demanding users because they answer, in a creative way, the constantly changing demands of the 3D industry. Volfoni SAS Directory page Volfoni SAS Web Site
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