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Digital Cinema Technology May. 22, 2015
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Las Vegas, NV—Mar 13, 2006

DLP Cinema® Projectors Deployment Surpasses 1,000 Screen Milestone

1,195 Projectors Worldwide Represents Significant Move towards Digital Cinema Conversion
Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today at ShoWest, the largest annual convention for the motion picture industry, announced the deployment of 1,195 DLP Cinema® projectors worldwide from manufacturers Barco, Christie and NEC. Surpassing the 1,000 screen milestone represents a major step forward in the movie industry’s conversion from film to digital projection. The digital conversion has momentum worldwide, with 579 projector systems in the Americas, 342 in Europe and 274 in Asia deployed in commercial theatres, screening rooms and post-production houses.

With technical standards set, business models in place, and five major studios committed to providing content, the adoption of digital cinema has progressed rapidly in 2006. DLP Cinema projector deployments have grown 300 percent since March 2005. While the industry focuses on an efficient and timely deployment, TI continues to focus on the compliance of systems, as well as ensuring future compliance, through close collaboration with customers and server manufacturers Dolby, Doremi, GDC, Kodak, NEC and QuVIS.

In recent months, up to 32,000 digital cinema system conversions have been announced for North America, including:

- 4,000 Christie CP2000 DLP Cinema projectors will be deployed in the US and Canada through the Christie/AccessIT business plan; Carmike has signed on for 2,300. UltraStar was the

- first theatre chain to convert entirely to digital through this model, with 102 DLP Cinema projectors now installed.

- National CineMedia, the joint venture owned by Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Entertainment Inc. and Cinemark USA, are preparing a digital cinema plan for the volume purchase of 13,000 systems.

- Technicolor has announced a deployment of up to 15,000 digital cinema systems over 10 years, with Century Theaters signed on as the first exhibitor.

DLP Cinema projection technology has been exposed to millions of movie-goers, delivering clear, sharp, bright and accurate images to movie theatres around the world. The total number of installed DLP Cinema projectors is now 1,195, with theatres located in 30 countries around the world. More than 300 movies have been released for screening on DLP Cinema projectors. DLP Cinema systems have been deployed and tested commercially in theatres since 1999, providing more than six years of in-field usage.

DLP Cinema technology-enabled projectors can also be seen at the Barco and Christie booths and NEC’s Palace Room 4/5 at ShoWest. For more information, or to find a DLP Cinema theatre near you, please visit

TI Highlights Advancement of Digital Cinema Industry at ShoWest

Digital Cinema Pioneers Recognized; DLP Cinema® Technology Utilized throughout Motion Picture Tradeshow
DLP Cinema® Products Contacts:

Kateri Gemperle
TI DLP Products Worldwide
(214) 567-3617

About DLP Cinema® Products: Since 1996, Texas Instruments’ award-winning DLP technology has powered the world’s top display devices to deliver higher resolution images rich with color, contrast, clarity and brightness for a wide range of applications, including intelligent display technology. With DLP’s intelligent display capability, users can interact with content in a diverse range of applications, such as automotive, medical and interactive projection. DLP’s technology powers over 80,000 movie theatre screens worldwide (DLP Cinema®) and large-scale, professional venues; in conference rooms, classrooms, and home theaters; and with DLP Pico™-enabled mobile devices, the ability to display images from the palm of your hand. Every DLP chip features an array of up to 8 million microscopic mirrors that switch at ultra-high speeds. With this speed advantage, DLP enables applications unheard of by competing display technologies. To learn more about DLP technology, please visit, or follow DLP on Twitter at DLP Cinema® Products Directory page DLP Cinema® Products Web Site
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