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Digital Cinema Technology Aug. 18, 2017
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San Diego—Oct 5, 2009

Camera Cinemas Launches New Loyalty Program Driven By Sony Felica Technology

Camera Cinemas is conducting a trial customer loyalty program for movie theaters based on Sony Electronics’ FeliCa card technology. The trial began in September at each Camera location in San Jose, Campbell, and Los Gatos, Calif., and will continue through the end of 2009.

By giving customers a more convenient way to gain and redeem loyalty points, the program’s goal is to explore potential new business opportunities for exhibitors, especially increased transactions at the box office and concession stands. 

“An effective digital cinema implementation extends well beyond the technology in the auditorium,” said Mike Fidler, senior vice president of Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions and Services group. “We’re thinking about everything an exhibitor needs for success, and that includes business-driving efforts like customer loyalty programs.”

The FeliCa technology is a contactless IC card technology that has robust data capabilities and is secure and environmentally friendly since card data can be re-written billions of times.

“This loyalty program will help us gain invaluable knowledge about our customers, which will help us provide movie content and concessions that are tailored to their liking,” said Jack NyBlom, president of Camera Cinemas. “Plus, by utilizing the program, we’d like to give back to our frequent customers by essentially allowing them to earn free products.” 

Sony is working with a leading kiosk provider, PFU Limited, and its local subsidiary PFU Systems, Inc., to deploy kiosks in Camera lobbies. Customers can use these kiosks to print coupons that can be redeemed for accumulated points.

Sony is offering the FeliCa cards to Camera customers, who can register for the program either at the theaters or through the Camera web site. They can use the card to select coupons for free tickets, food and beverages, or a discount coupon valid at the SonyStyle store in nearby Santa Clara, Calif.

Logo: Sony Digital Cinema About Sony Digital Cinema:
Sony Digital Cinema combines a full range of Sony technologies, alternative content offerings, training and service to provide a broad range of solutions for exhibitors. The world’s leading manufacturer of commercially available 4K resolution digital cinema projection systems, the group also offers Sony’s TMS (theatre management system); digital signage hardware, software and content development; security systems and Network Operations Centre (NOC) services for the exhibition community. 
Sony Digital Cinema Directory page Sony Digital Cinema Web Site About PFU Limited of Japan: PFU Limited of Japan, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited is a $1 billion global enterprise that designs,develops, manufactures, sells and maintains computer hardware, peripheral products, enterprise software, and systems.  PFU Ltd. designs and manufacturers embedded computers and interactive kiosks.  PFU Ltd. entered the Japanese kiosk market in 1995 and today remains a dominant kiosk manufacturer with over 50,000 installed kiosks in Japan. PFU Ltd. markets a full line of standard kiosk products in Japan, and offers customized kiosk products through its ProDeS division. PFU kiosks are extensively deployed in the health care, hospitality, retail, education, and government markets. PFU Systems, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of PFU Ltd., markets its kiosks in the United States. PFU Limited of Japan Directory page About Camera Cinemas:

For nearly 35 years, Camera Cinemas has been presenting a wide variety of well-made, intelligent films, from re-released classics to independents, international to mainstream. With four distinct locations - Camera 7 Cinemas, the state-of-the-art multiplex in Campbell's Pruneyard Shopping Center; the Art Deco neighborhood theater, Los Gatos Cinemas in downtown Los Gatos; the three-level Camera 12 Cinemas, and the newly re-opened Camera 3 Entertainment in downtown San Jose - Camera Cinemas has become an important institution in the local film community, making vital contributions to the cultural life of the San Jose area and representing the best of what the South Bay has to offer.

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