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Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is a global leader in digital cinema software and services,  offering cutting-edge solutions in software as well as installation, maintenance and support across the cinema ecosystem.


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London—Jul 16, 2018

AAM Launches Industry’s First Fully Automated Theatrical KDM Management Solution with Deluxe Technicolor

Arts Alliance Media (AAM) and Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema (DTDC) continue to drive innovation and technology advancements through a unique collaboration that will deliver the industry’s first truly automated KDM (Key Delivery Message) management service, representing a significant step towards the promise of fully automated cinema management. 

KDMs are unique security keys issued by service providers of theatrical content on behalf of studios/content owners to enable film playout. With AAM’s new solution, KDMs can now be generated and delivered through the cloud directly from distributor booking systems all the way to the cinema trusted device playout equipment with confirmed proof of delivery. All customers of AAM’s Screenwriter Theatre Management System (TMS) will be invited to sign up for the service completely free of charge. 

Since the introduction of digital cinema, KDMs have been necessary to deliver content, but the process for their creation and delivery has been ripe for innovation. A variety of unconsolidated solutions have arisen for the booking, generation and blind delivery of KDMs, often over email and physical media and without any visibility of delivery success. Manually managed theatrical equipment databases have proved very hard to maintain resulting in incorrectly targeted KDMs, high support overhead, security vulnerabilities and cancelled shows or dark screens. 

The new automated KDM solution offers a quantum leap in responsiveness, accuracy and reliability, and is made possible through a direct integration between DTDC’s worldwide booking management systems and AAM’s ground breaking Thunderstorm cloud platform, supported by AAM’s class leading Screenwriter TMS. 

A secure communications channel between each TMS and AAM’s Thunderstorm cloud allows for realtime update of DTDC’s Global Trusted Device List (TDL), the industry’s most comprehensive up-to-date database on the actual equipment installed at each cinema. This ensures that KDMs delivered through Thunderstorm to cinemas are always correctly targeted. Once at site, Screenwriter takes over to deliver directly to the target equipment. At all stages, until successful ingest, the delivery is fully tracked thereby allowing DTDC to provide definitive proof of delivery to their customers. The whole process from booking to confirmed ingest is typically completed within minutes with zero effort required from the exhibitor. 

Rich Phillips, Chief Technology Officer at AAM adds, “Automating KDM delivery is a critical step in streamlining how features get to screens around the world. Previous industry initiatives to automate global TDL management and to standardise automated KDM delivery have struggled to get traction. Through AAM’s advancements in cloud technologies and this ground-breaking partnership with DTDC we now have the ability to automate global TDL management and to standardise automated KDM delivery, ultimately making KDM management seamless and invisible for our exhibitor customers.” 

Arts Alliance Media Contacts:
Alessandra Skarlatos 
 +44 (0)20 7751 7543 

Logo: Arts Alliance Media
About Arts Alliance Media: Arts Alliance Media (AAM) is the global leader in digital cinema software and services. We offer a wide range of solutions to exhibitors which enable them to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the cinematic experience for their customers. Our software touches over 40,000 digital screens globally, while AAM’s network operations centre (NOC) supports several thousand screens. AAM’s latest offering is Thunderstorm- a unique online marketplace for cinema where exhibitors can browse the latest technologies to enable them to increase revenues and improve customer interaction. Arts Alliance Media Directory page Arts Alliance Media Web Site
About Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema: Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema (DTDC), a joint venture between Deluxe Entertainment Services Group and Technicolor, is the industry leader in providing theatrical digital cinema mastering, distribution and key management services for clients worldwide. DTDC combines best-in-class technologies, personnel, work processes and facilities, and is based in Burbank, CA. Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc. and Technicolor are global leaders in digital services and technology solutions for media and entertainment. Deluxe Technicolor Digital Cinema Directory page

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