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DCIP is the largest digital cinema integrator in the world and provides industry leading software and management solutions to exhibitors and distributors. 

Cinergy is an enterprise suite of tools that helps you track, monitor, and efficiently manage cinema operations in one centralized platform.


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Mahwah, N.J.—Oct 14, 2010

Digital Cinema Implementation Partners Announces Leadership Change

CEO Travis Reid to Step Down on Oct. 22
Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC (DCIP) announced today that Travis Reid, CEO of DCIP, has resigned effective Oct. 22. Led by DCIP's Board of Directors, the recruitment process for a new CEO is already underway and expected to proceed quickly.

During this transition period, Rich Manzione, COO (Chief Operating Officer) of DCIP, will manage the business, supported by DCIP's executive management team. Manzione has been with DCIP since its inception and was instrumental in the company's formation and launch.  He manages DCIP's Operations and Technology groups, which includes system deployment and administrative services, and has been involved in all aspects of DCIP operations.
"Travis and our team have brought the organization to a great place and I look forward to continuing our exciting work at DCIP," said Rich Manzione, COO of DCIP. "I am confident that our strong management team will ensure a seamless transition and continued success with our digital cinema rollout."

DCIP has deployed more than 4,000 digital projection systems in more than 870 theatres and is tracking ahead of its planned deployment schedule to digitize more than 15,000 screens in the United States and Canada. DCIP was formed in February 2007 as a joint venture owned equally by AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group, the three largest theatrical exhibitors.    

"Travis has done an outstanding job in guiding the formation of DCIP, including the negotiation of studio and vendor agreements, securing financing and managing the initial deployment of DCIP's digital projection systems," said Gerry Lopez, CEO and President of AMC Entertainment Inc. "Digital cinema will continue to provide an enhanced entertainment experience for our guests, so we thank him for his trailblazing work at DCIP."

"Digital cinema is an industry transforming technology, allowing us to significantly enhance the use of our auditoriums," saidAlan Stock, CEO of Cinemark Holdings, Inc. "The deployment of digital projections systems is tracking ahead of its original schedule, thanks to Travis' leadership and the hard work of his executive team, led by Rich Manzione."

"Regal is confident that DCIP is in a very strong position both operationally and financially. The ongoing deployment of digital projection systems will continue to enrich the movie-going experience and greatly enhance our business and our industry," said Amy Miles, CEO of Regal Entertainment Group. 

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Logo: Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC
About Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC:
DCIP is a joint venture owned equally by exhibition industry leaders AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. and Regal, a subsidiary of Cineworld Group plc. Formed over 10 years ago to facilitate the upgrade from 35mm to digital projection technology, DCIP has overseen the conversion of more than 18,000 screens across the United States, Canada and Latin America, and we continue to provide management services and facilitate information flow for our deployment footprint and exhibition and distribution partners.

As part of this monumental transition, we developed extensive expertise in managing vast amounts of information throughout our digital network, which lead to the creation of our Cinergy enterprise software suite. Cinergy is scalable centralized enterprise software developed to help exhibitors and distributors better monitor and manage cinema execution, presentation and quality assurance, utilizing information that was not centrally available prior to the industry’s conversion.

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