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Las Vegas—Apr 8, 2013

Sony Goes Beyond Definition at NAB 2013

New Technologies for HD, 2K and 4K Workflows Drive Innovative Content Creation at All Levels of Production
At NAB 2013, Sony is exhibiting an array of innovative technologies, from its full line of HD technologies to new solutions for HD and 4K, and professional production at all levels.
Sony’s theme for NAB 2013, “Beyond Definition” illustrates how Sony is driving innovation with the development of diverse and new solutions for high-resolution content creation, far beyond HD, in broadcast as well as a range of markets.

“We’re no longer defined by hardware or software, codecs or resolution,” said Alec Shapiro, president of Sony Professional Solutions of America. “We’re also moving beyond broadcast to many other markets that require the highest-quality video, like education, corporate, and houses of worshipAnd we’ve moved beyond the actual hardware to deliver full-scale solutions for content production, enterprise workflow and media asset management.”
The 4K Evolution
Workflow Innovations
This year at NAB, Sony continues to innovate 4K production environments and workflows, beginning with workflow innovations to help build a stable environment for both industrial and consumer XAVC-based production.  Currently, 31 manufacturers’ products plan on their support for Sony XAVC format and workflow, —an open format for 4K and HD recording designed for both professional and consumer markets. In addition, Sony will also be featuring a new consumer-oriented XAVC-S format that will support MP4 encoding of both 4K and HD video.
Shooting Innovations
Sony will be showcasing the F65 CineAlta camera (Version 3 with upgrade kit), its flagship model with a large 8K-resolution CMOS sensor. This upgrade will allow the camera to support two independent SDI outputs and accept the use of the DVF-EL100 0.7-inch OLED viewfinder, providing a better solution for on-site needs.

Sony’s recently released PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 CineAlta 4K cameras, featuring a newly developed super-35mm 4K CMOS image sensor as well as a modular design that enables easy attachment of a wide range of peripheral devices will be on hand for preview.

By the end of April 2013, over 2000sets of PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 will have been shipped worldwide.
Sony’s exhibit will feature a 4K shooting system that will demonstrate real-time 4K shooting, image processing, viewing of intercom and return image. The system is suitable for live relay broadcasts, consisting of a PMW-55 fitted with camera system adaptor “CA-4000” and baseband processor “BPU-4000”. The current camera control unit “HDCU-2000/2500” is able to set-up as the system interface to achieve functions such as remote controller, inter-cam, return image and so on.  Mixed operation with the current studio camera HDC-2000 as well as future migration from HD to 4K is also possible.
Viewing Innovations
As 4K moves into the home and to highlight the ongoing work in development of OLED monitor technologies, Sony will be presenting a technical exhibit of 56-inch(3840x2160) and 30-inch(4096x2160) professional 4K OLED panels, a new Trimaster EL A series of high-definition OLED monitors with a newly developed panel with industry-leading wide viewing angles reducing the colour shift by half when compared with their predecessor models. To date, over 20,000 Trimaster EL, professional OLED monitors have been shipped worldwide.
IT-Driven Improvements in Production Workflow
Optical Disc Archive Solutions
Sony has worked to incorporate IT-driven improvements in production workflow, starting with the expansion of its Optical Disc Archive Systems that accepts discs with capacities up to 1.5 terabytes.  To further provide an advanced archiving solution, Sony has agreed to partner with Dalet Digital Media Systems based in France. Sony is working towards solutions that integrate the Dalet Media Life MAM software with the Optical Disc Archive product line.  Moving forward, Sony and Dalet will jointly propose archiving solutions for a wide range of areas, including News and Sports production, Media Digitization, and Disaster Recovery. The two companies will also collaborate in Solution Selling, System Integration/Delivery and Contract Services in order to provide customers with total efficiency, benefitting from both application system to service & support.  The partnership will firstly start within the US and European markets and then will progressively be introduced to other areas.
At NAB, Sony will be presenting a technical exhibition of drive units and extended libraries currently under development to support faster and more extensible systems, including the forthcoming “ODS-D77U/F” drive systems to deliver double the read and write speeds of the current drives, making them ideal for storage of high-bit-rate movies, TV shows, and commercials. The “ODS-L30M,” “ODS-L60E,” and “ODS-L100E” extensible libraries provide sufficient capacity to meet the demanding requirements of broadcast studios and other high-volume data users.  They are planned to be launched to the market in autumn, 2013.
Live IP Transmission System
The Sony exhibit will also feature the NXL-IP55 live IP transmission system. The NXL-IP55 transmits multiple HD video signals, audio signals, and control signals both downstream and upstream over a single network cable, enabling bidirectional live transmissions. Known for its high picture quality and low latencies, the system is now in use not only in broadcast studios and production companies, but also in medical and educational settings. To further enhance the system’s effectiveness and ease of use, a new software system, “IP Live Manager”—capable of providing centralized management of multiple NXL-IP55s will be introduced. It enables to easily pre-set the paring of NXL-IP55s on the same LAN as well as one click switching of paring depending on transmission section and multi-point (up to 8 points) monitoring of audio/video signals.
Media Cloud Services
Sony has launches Media Cloud Services Company, a new subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, that will give creative professionals a virtual workspace with revolutionary media applications to store, share and manipulate content from any location in the world.  The new company’s robust, scalable cloud platform, Ci(pronounced see), will provide “one-cloud” solution to collect, produce and archive high-value, high-definition content, allowing fast and secure collaboration on a global scale.  Media Cloud Services will firstly be available within the US and European markets with plans to be launched within the year. 
New HD Products Offer Stronger Industry Support: Live Productions
When it comes to live production, Sony HD production products embody the core technology for today’s broadcasting businesses and Sony remains committed to offering customers a total solutions approach to support the rapid changes in the business environment. Sony will preview new decks and shoulder mount acquisitions targeted at key broadcast customers, enhancing the 50p/60p products that are required by the many broadcasters committed to natural, smooth sports and live image.
News Production
Sony will feature the PMW-400 XDCAM shoulder camcorder that supports 50-Mbps HD422 MPEG and includes broad functionality, making it suitable for a wide range of uses—from TV show production to studio camera applications. A technical exhibition wireless adapter connects mobile devices and camcorders in LAN environment and helps streamline on-site workflows. The adapter mounts directly on supporting camcorders and enables 3G, 4G, and LTE transmission of proxy files through the network.
Sports Production
Sony continues to offer top of line live production capabilities with the HDC series, standard for major prime-time events. For sports and live production Sony will present enhancements of the 1080 50p/60p production system. The HDC-2750: 60p studio camera for both triax and optical fiber allows free use for live broadcast facilities such as a sports stadium. The camera gives producers more flexibility on location, providing features easy to switch between fiber and triax environments and more stable transmissions over longer distances.
Sony’s Anycast Touch solution, directed at customers looking to take their first leap into serious live production, is an all-in-one broadcasting and streaming system operated from an easy-to-use touch panel. Its compact and smart white design provides an easy to use live production solution.
Sony will be exhibiting at stand C11001 in the Central Hall. For more information visit the Sony NAB 2013 website:

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